5 Reasons Insurance Sales is a Good Career.


If you’re thinking about changing careers or have recently completed your college degree, There are plenty of reasons to explore an insurance career. Learn about five reasons why most of our insurance students opt for insurance sales.

1. Unlimited Earning Potential

Many people are attracted to the insurance industry due to the endless possibilities it provides for those working in sales. Agents with no experience can make a profit relatively quickly. While it may take some time to build a list that includes clients and counsel agents to expect the first few years of their career not to be lucrative, there’s an endless opportunity to earn profits over the long run. If you can establish an effective referral program, the current clients will help you build your business book.

Independent agents earn a salary based on commissions, while captive agents are typically paid commissions and salaries. In either case, there are lots of opportunities to increase your earnings.

2. Great Flexibility

If the 9-5 life isn’t your thing, If you’re looking for a change, you’ll appreciate the flexibility that a job in the field of insurance sales provides. Choose to be an independent or captive representative. You will be able to typically alter your appointment time by extending your hours to weekends and evenings to meet the needs of clients and your schedule. You can have a full weekday day to schedule appointments, participate in activities and do some errands.

If you opt for the independent agent route, you’ll be able to offer a greater variety of items. This lets you better meet your customers’ requirements with the most appropriate products and eventually earn their confidence.

3. Make a Difference

Insurance policies shield people from financial loss due to unexpected circumstances and events. As an insurance agent, you can direct your clients’ choices about which insurance plans most suit their requirements. The information you gather and the recommendations you offer can impact the client’s financial health in the future.

Insurance agents assist people in planning to plan for their future. From helping customers save to fund their retirement, and college tuition for their children to financing an expensive purchase such as a car or house, insurance agents can assist individuals in reaching their personal and financial goals. They also assist clients in preparing for unexpected events and offer some relief for clients in such situations.

4. Few Barriers to Entry

Due to the low barrier to admission, insurance sales are an ideal career for those transitioning into a new job after a critical life transition. It takes only a few weeks or months to prepare for the State licensing test, pass it, and begin selling insurance.

A college degree is highly recommended, but some insurance companies don’t require it. Contrary to many other financial positions, applicants’ previous experience is not necessary.

5. Variety of Work

If the monotony of repeatedly performing the same task isn’t appealing, then a career in insurance sales is an excellent choice for you. A majority of insurance agents enjoy the variety of jobs insurance sales offer. Some jobs must be completed regularly, but for the vast part, insurance agents are meeting new clients and helping them achieve the financial targets they have set for themselves.

Insurance agents usually need to accomplish more than just selling insurance. They must expand their business, manage marketing, answer questions by email or telephone, and be adept on online social networks. They should also keep track of the records of their clients and study prospects. Furthermore, insurance professionals must keep up to date with the latest market news, trends, and government regulations. This is why continuing education is mandatory for insurance agents across every state (education requirements differ from state to state). The ten characteristics listed above could be helpful, as well.

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