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Best Plants to grow in the monsoon season


Monsoon has arrived with its rumbling clouds, splashes of rain, and a respite from the scorching sun. The trees also welcome monsoon as they thrive well in humid weather. If you have a garden or love to decorate your home with plants, this is the perfect time to give your space a green makeover. Are you looking for plants that grow well in the monsoon? Here is a list of a few plants that bloom well during the rainy season.

Top plants that will make your garden colorful

Gulmohar – Is there anyone who doesn’t admire Gulmohar? These red flowering trees light up the monsoon sky and often spread a carpet of red flowers on the road. Monsoon is the right time to plant a Gulmohar. You will love its lush green crown, and the bright red flowers will make your garden look gorgeous.

Plumeria – Your small patch of green will love to have this bushy plant. Available in different colors, plumeria is the best tree to have in your monsoon garden. It will add a splash of color to your home and also create a relaxing effect with its soothing smell.

Pink rain lily –We all love lilies, but pink rain lilies are the most popular as monsoon flowering plants. Your garden will look spectacular with a bunch of pink lilies swaying their heads in the rain.

Jasmine – No one can say no to jasmine, so strong is the appeal of the small white flowers that enthrall us with their sweet scent. The best thing about this flowering plant is that they don’t require much care and flowers profusely during the monsoon. You can keep it in a pot in your home or add it to your balcony garden.

Periwinkle – Another delightful plant that blooms in the monsoon is the periwinkle. These small but eye-catching flowers grow on small plants and are ideal for small gardens and homes. Get them in colors that you love and create a vibrant landscape.

Indoor plants best for the monsoon

Monsoon is the right time to get home indoor plants. They uplift our mood and enhance our home décor.

Fittonia – This is an excellent choice as an indoor plant. The delicate silvery-white veined leaves look beautiful. They are ideal for homes and balcony gardens as they don’t require much sunlight and thrive well in humid weather.

Ferns – All-time favorite of gardeners, ferns add a luscious green effect to homes and gardens. They are easy to maintain and make the interiors look greener and calmer.

Anthurium – For a touch of green and natural color to your surroundings, keep an anthurium at home. The heart-shaped and glossy flowers and the leathery green leaves are a sight to behold. Since this plant doesn’t require much sunlight and grows well in humid conditions, they are perfect for monsoon.

Syngonium plant – Get positive vibes in your home with a potted Syngonium. This small plant comes with lobe-shaped pink-variegated leaves. The dark green leaves with a touch of pink hue will add brightness to your interiors. Syngonium adapts well to the indoor environment and requires minimum care. It acts as a natural air purifier and will keep your home looking and feeling fresh.

Monstera Obliqua plant – Known for its holed leaves, this is a popular choice with home gardeners. With the uniquely designed leaves, Monster Obliqua will adorn your space and make it more attractive.

The monsoon is the best time to plant your favorite flowering plant or get indoor plants. However, don’t forget to take care of them. Although you don’t have to water them regularly, you have to see that the pots are well-drained to prevent water accumulation. Get any of these potted friends home and spend the rainy days admiring them.

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