Best Things to Look for in a Natural Sunscreen

Natural Sunscreen

In skincare, there are a few essential products that you need to have a complete routine for day or night, sunscreen being one of them. A natural sunscreen can help you to achieve an effective daytime routine that protects your skin from environmental damage, namely the sun’s UV rays.

Since this is such an essential part of your daily routine, you really want to choose your sunscreen thoughtfully and make sure that the formula you choose matches your personal preferences and skin needs. Here are some things to keep your eye out for as you shop for the perfect natural sunscreen.

Leaves No White Cast 
One of the more common concerns we see people have regarding their sunscreen is that it leaves a white cast behind, making their skin look ghostly pale, especially in photographs. This can be incredibly off-putting and a deterrent that discourages people from wearing their sunscreen everyday. People with darker skin tones will find this even more irritating since the white cast leaves their skin looking ashy and dull.

Look into the reviews and photographs of products to see which ones leave a white cast and which disappear into the skin naturally. Some natural sunscreen brands will go out of their way to let you know that their products absorb into the skin without leaving behind the dreaded white cast.

Layers Well With Other Products
From a more practical standpoint, you want your sunscreen to apply very smoothly and evenly without pilling up, under or over products. This is a common concern that people have with their current sunscreens. They find something that seems to check all the boxes, but when they try to actively use it, they see that it pills up.

Sunscreen is meant to be worn on a daily basis, regardless of whatever else you might have on your skin. So many people will want to wear their natural sunscreen with other skincare products or makeup. You may not always go out with only sunscreen alone on your face, so it is good to have the option to layer without the products combating each other.

Contains Higher SPF Count
Generally speaking, a higher SPF count is better at providing protection to your skin from UVA and UVB rays. The higher the SPF count goes, the less of a difference the increase makes, so some people will argue that you do not necessarily need to go with the highest number possible. A natural sunscreen with SPF 30+ should be enough to provide coverage and protection to your skin everyday.

One important thing to note is that a consistent routine is better than a higher SPF count. So an SPF 30 used every single day offers you significantly more protection than an SPF 70 you only use on occasion.

Has Your Ideal Finish
Sunscreens come in a range of finishes, so you want to pick out ones that match your preferences. Since this aspect is completely subjective, it is fully up to you to decide which finish you might prefer. Some like the look of dewy, radiant skin, while others enjoy the look and feel of a matte touch sunscreen.

The finish makes a difference when layering your sunscreen with other products like dewy skin serums or matte foundations, so consider all of the products you apply to your face and how a sunscreen can contribute to the look you ultimately want. Read the descriptions of products and check the reviews to get an idea of what the sunblock will look like on your skin.

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