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Busy Sussex doctor stops household exercise, Horizon Health confirms.


Doctor. Sunita MacMullin was one of New Brunswick’s top-billed physicians.

Horizon Health says Dr. Sunita MacMullin notified the company on Wednesday, announcing her intention to leave her Southern New Brunswick family practice, with effect from today.

As CBC News reached her Wednesday afternoon, she could not address any queries, not even whether she had informed her patients.

MacMullin, who practiced in Sussex She, said that the practice could not discuss any issue, and it is unclear what led to this decision.

The health authority announced that it would begin hiring as soon as possible to fill the gaps.

One of MacMullin’s associates believes that this could be a significant issue.

As a cardiologist, Dr. Rob Stevenson, who practices in Saint John, received referrals from MacMullin when her patients required special care for their heart ailments.

“I’m advocating for patients we all share,” he said.

“I’ve heard that it could be at least four or five primary care doctors to offer the service she can provide.”

Sussex The Sussex Mayor Marc Thorne said he was devastated by the news and was concerned for the people who would find out that they’d lost their family doctor.

“I believe they’re going to be a bit confused,” he said.

“And it’s tough for communities to find doctors in the present.”

Sussex Mayor Marc Thorne says recruiting new doctors for a rural community isn’t easy. (Gary Moore, CBC)

Thorne says it’s a nationwide problem, particularly challenging for rural areas.

“And I consider Sussex an agricultural town,” he said.

Paul Bedford, president of the Sussex and District Chamber of Commerce Paul Bedford, president of the Sussex and District Chamber of Commerce, believes that having quality health insurance is crucial to the future of a town and its expansion.

“That’s the thing we’ll need to do to attract new business and families,” he added.

“This is certainly a shock.”

Changed practice in 2018

MacMullin was the talk of 2018 when she announced that she was closing her practice with her family in Fredericton.

She claimed she was dealing with too many patients and that no other doctor would offer support.

Her practice was relocated to Sussex and, in 2019, was named New Brunswick’s top-earning doctor.

The year before, she had billed $1.7 million.

2020 will see her bill at a minimum of $1.8 million, which puts her in the second spot.

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