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STEM-related posts get more interest from outside Canada than other fields. Software development received 22% of clicks this February from outside Canada.

According to Indeed, the world’s largest job site, Canada is quickly replacing the US as the destination for Indian job seekers. According to the survey, Indian job seekers are eager to find work opportunities in Canada. As of February 2022, India was its platform’s most significant source of clicks.

The importance of Indian job seekers grew, with 17% of clicks in 2022, almost double that of 9% in 2017. However, the US share of clicks from foreign countries fell to 11% in February 2022 from 40% in 2017.

If you look at clicks from abroad more broadly, STEM-related posts get higher shares from outside Canada than other fields. Software development received 22% of clicks outside Canada in February.

Brendon Bernard, the senior economist with Indeed Hiring Lab, stated that “The Indian labor market is unique due to its combination of size & integration into the global labor marketplace. This is a significant opportunity because of the popularity of Canadian job openings for Indian job seekers. In recent years, foreign migration has been a significant part of Canada’s labor market. With targets for permanent residency admissions rising and a flourishing tech industry bolstered through programs like the Global Talent Stream and other programs, Indian job seekers will continue to look into opportunities in Canada.

While India is the most notable country, click share from overseas has increased steadily since the outbreak. In recent years, foreign job seekers have increased in many countries. This includes Asian countries such as India, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, and the Philippines; Africa and North Africa, especially; Latin America, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

Bernard stated that the increased presence of foreign job seekers in Canada via Indeed highlights the potential significance of global migration in the labor market over the next few years, particularly as international travel becomes less common.

According to the findings, nine out of ten fields that received the most clicks from overseas on job postings were STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). The exception was forestry and agriculture. Software development topped the list, as in previous years. 22% of clicks on postings about the field came from outside Canada. Other engineering and tech areas continue to attract a lot of foreign interest, with clicks between 14% and 19%.

Foreign job seekers are more likely to click on Canadian STEM job listings because of domestic and global factors. Tech workers can quickly enter Canada through programs such as the Global Talent Stream. According to the survey, these jobs are more popular for those who have engineering backgrounds due to the Express Entry points system. However, not all Canadian job seekers possess the necessary skills to work in these fields. Some may consider moving to the USA to find better-paying jobs.

Foreign click share grows fastest in in-person jobs.

Since the pandemic outbreak, the number of clicks on occupations requiring in-person labor has increased the most. From February 2020 to February 2022, the foreign share of clicks for postings in manual labor-related areas like cleaning & sanitation and loading & stocking. Some in-person services such as food and retail saw significant increases in foreign click share from relatively low levels.

Indeed measured foreign job seeker interest in Canada by tracking the percentage of clicks on Indeed job postings in Canada that job seeker clicked with IP addresses outside Canada. The analysis did not include job seekers who could not be located. All data are based on seasonal adjusted 28-day moving averages.

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