Eco-friendly Wedding Invitation Trends

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Make an impact this wedding season by handing out an eco-friendly wedding invitation! Yes, you heard us right. Many celebrities such as Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kholi, marathon runner Milind Soman and his wife Ankita Konwar also incorporated various elements that made their weddings eco-friendly.Going green will add a unique and positive element to your wedding!

7 Simple Yet Elegant Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitation

1. Plantable Wedding Invitations:

These pretty plantable cards make the perfect eco-friendly wedding invitation. They are also great for our planet. Plantable wedding invitations are printed on seeded paper, allowing flowers and herbs to grow when planted in the ground. These unique invites bring us one step closer to saving Mother Nature.

2. Eco-Friendly Wooden Wedding Invitations:

If you love vintage, these wedding invitations are perfect for you. These eco-friendly invitations are beautifully carved out of a piece of wood that lends a rustic appeal. The best part about these invitations is that you can design them from scratch and customize them however you like on a budget.

3. Recycled or Handmade Wedding Invitations :

This is another simple and classic eco-friendly wedding invitation idea. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on invitations, this might be the best option. Because these invitations are made from 100% recycled or reused paper, they don’t harm the environment.

4. DIY Wedding Invitations :

Other options include do-it-yourself or do-it-yourself wedding invitations, which can help reduce the extra amount you spend on your invitations. You can create your own invitations and experiment with them as you see fit. Creating these invitations also tends to bring out your creative side.

5. E – Invites

Going digital is another way to save our planet and show you care. Just like Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja, everyone can create their own wedding invitation digitally and send them to all their guests. The benefits of scanning are that it’s instant, paperless and free!

6. Jute Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitation

We’ve seen wooden and DIY invitations, but other eco-friendly invitations can be made with burlap. These invitations look elegant and are also environmentally friendly. Using canvas for your wedding invitation will not only save you a lot of money, it will also bring you closer to nature as the canvas is considered the “golden fibre”.

7. Gift a Sapling :

Finally, offer a tree with your wedding invitations. Anushka and Virat spent a small tree to plant and make the earth greener. You too can do the same and let your love grow, just like the sapling.So choose a style adapted to your wedding and carry an eco-responsible message, because going green today is not an option, it’s a necessity!Celebrate with a sense of satisfaction from giving back to your mother nature!

Unique Wedding Invitation Trends You Need To Know

1. Sustainability Invites

Wedding invitations are usually printed on several sheets of luxury paper which can use quite a bit of wood. If you think that recycling paper can be a sustainable and ecological solution, unfortunately, you are wrong! Recycled paper often undergoes various processes and treatments that can damage our incredible planet. So maybe think what is the right way for lasting and unique wedding invitations. Some cards contain wildflower seeds and can turn into plants once planted! Is not it fantastic! Let your guests know that you too want to celebrate your love with a little love for the planet.

2)  Watercolour Cards

Buck Tradition: Skip the regular white invitations and opt for something more colourful. Aesthetic and colourful, watercolour cards are a great way to present your joy and happiness to your guests. You can use the colourful water splash theme for your unique wedding invitations. It is a very inexpensive and great way to present your wedding date.

3)  Crests

How many of you have seen Game of Thrones? In episode 7 of the first season of Game of Thrones, Ned Stark writes a letter to Stannis Baratheon and seals it with the following wax seal. Wasn’t he very charming? It is a very classic way to present your unique wax-sealed logo wedding invitations to your guests. Get an emblem made that symbolizes both your personality and your love story.

4)  Vellum Paper Invitation Cards

Parchment is generally smooth, durable, soft, dreamy clear, and looks super chic. They are highly recommended and let’s see why! There are several types of tissue paper, but semi-transparent ones are the most popular. among them it is also cheap and easy to print with most home printers.

5) Monograms

Monogram invitation card designs are making a comeback! This emerging trend takes the idea in a different direction. A sophisticated monogram and vintage typeface make a statement on these glamorous wedding invitations.

6) Minimalistic

If you’re looking for a way to impress your wedding guests right from the start, a minimalist wedding invitation is a fun trick. The minimalist design template sends a strong message that highlights the details of the event while keeping the invitation simple. You can also customize your invitation by choosing a minimal font, shape and image. Here’s how to create your own invitations.

7) Calligraphy

Forget cute prints, patterns and motifs. This trend is straight out of hand. It is often more attractive to see names and dates in decorative handwriting than scrolled letters on invitations.

8) Mapped Out

The wedding trend after ‘yeh jawaani hai deewani‘ is still popular among millennial couples. Because destination weddings can make the most of their unique location by using card designs as part of their invitations.

9) Landscape

This is also an option to create custom wedding invitations. You can print on your wedding invitations a photo of the beautiful landscape where your wedding is taking place. So add a personal touch to your landscape design, such as icons for your ceremony and reception space.

10) Graphic + Geometric

Geometric invitations may seem unromantic, but in fact, all angles are gaining popularity. Geometric-inspired wedding invitations are expected to be a big trend in 2020, and designs with geometric shapes and calligraphy are amazing! Because it’s incredibly modern and even better…memorable!

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