Five Key Elements for Every Successful Business Blog


A solid content marketing strategy starts with a Business blog. HubSpot reports that marketers prioritizing blogging have a 13-fold higher chance of positive ROI. How do you create and manage a successful blog? Please find out the five factors that make blogs tremendous and how to emulate them.

1. Documented strategy, goals

MarketingProfs and Content Marketing Institute has found that marketers who create a strategy document are more successful in nearly every area of content marketing.

Write down your long-term blogging strategy and goals. Begin by looking at the blogs that inspire you to help you identify your goals.

A list of at least a dozen websites within your industry or sites that produce content that you are passionate about. Please take note of the characteristics that make these blogs stand out and pay close attention to them. Please take note of the content and length of the content they produce, as well as the comments and shares they also get how they promote their content via social media or paid advertising.

To help you create your strategy, record your findings on a whiteboard or shared public document. Velocity Partners offers a great content marketing strategy checklist that you can use to help get started.

2. Empathetic content

Blogs that are most popular speak directly to their readers. Empathetic content can inspire readers to act and evoke strong emotions.

Focus on understanding your readers’ motivations, pain points, and interests to create empathy blog content. This is how you get to know your audience.

How do you do it? Research. Create buyer personas. It will reveal a lot about your customers’ thought processes and decision-making. To find out what content they are consuming, interview your customers. You might be surprised by what you can learn from conversations with your customers.

3. Visual content

Visual content is powerful. According to Buffer, articles with visuals receive 94 percent more views than those without them and 40 times as many social shares. Visual content can ensure that your writing is read.

Consider how visual content can enhance the story you’re telling on your blog. You might consider creating an infographic to explain your industry’s complexities on a blog with more technical content.

You don’t have to spend a lot on visual content. However, having a graphic designer on staff or working with a freelancer can help you maintain visual consistency. Please take a look at our top 10 tools for visual storytelling.

4. Natural, relevant links

The backbone of the internet is linking. Linking to authoritative, trustworthy content will improve the user experience. One rule of thumb is to provide one link to a resource for every 300 words. This will help readers find answers to their questions or research further.

Promote your interests. You will also send traffic to third-party websites. Although it might seem counterintuitive, sending traffic to third-party sites is a good idea. Readers care more about finding content that meets their needs than who made it. They will be grateful to you for helping them find the best content and may return to you in the future.

Linking can also be a great way to give credit to other content creators and influencers and open up the possibility of ongoing co-marketing opportunities that will help your blog succeed.

5. Engaged audience

Your readers deserve to be acknowledged and appreciated, whether it is through giveaways or prizes. Engagement with your audience can be time-consuming, especially since it is difficult to automate.

Consider hiring someone adept at social media and relationship-building. Businesses that manage blogs may need to hire a community manager. They can work with your social media manager or merge the two.

Other than responding to comments and scheduling distribution of your content, thank readers for sharing it or subscribing. To help your blog community flourish, send thank you cards, stickers, social shoutouts, and other swag to the top readers.

Bonus: Impeccable grammar

It is impossible to maintain consistently good grammar. While a slip up here or there will not kill you, it is essential to keep a strong focus on editorial quality. Poor grammar can damage your credibility and make you appear careless. Good grammar, however, is a sign of the quality of your work.

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