Five Reasons Why Your Relationship With Money Matters For Your Business


Many people think that when they begin a business of their own, they need to be wealthy and good capitalists. However, the truth is that most entrepreneurs and business owners fail to achieve their goals because they don’t have an excellent connection with their money.

What is that?

The thought of profit and money enthralls many entrepreneurs. Yet, they don’t consider money every day (sometimes multiple times throughout every day) and instead think about it every week when looking at financial statements. Making money must become an integral aspect of the business day.

Make Money Your Everyday Reality

I am a huge fan of money and am not afraid to share that. As an owner of a business, my first task each morning is to review all of my financial statements for my various brands. I can see the exact location of everything down to the cent for multiple companies. My advice for any business or entrepreneur is to follow the same process. Build your relationship with money the way you would with any other relationship you have.

Five reasons your relationship with the financial world is essential for your company:

  1. Measurement: The most straightforward way for a healthy relationship with money is to be aware that it’s quantifiable. It is possible to see what’s happening both in white and black. Suppose you’re used to reviewing your financial statements every day — including the numbers of revenues, expenditures, and projections. In that case, you’ll always be aware of what’s going on and will determine the things you must get completed. It’s not necessary to spend the entire day, but spending just a short amount of time at the beginning of your day before your day’s activities begin can give you a better understanding of what you have to accomplish not just for the longer term, as well as for the week ahead.
  2. Making decisions: Using money as the primary driver for all your business activities and becoming aware of the main goals for your company. Knowing your financial situation at any time will require you to make final decisions. It is possible to market an innovative product or service, for instance, but the method used to present it to the public will vary, not just based on the kind of client you want to attract but also on the amount you’ll need to invest. Money can be a powerful instrument to prioritize what’s important to you so your business can meet its objectives.
  3. Margin: Focusing on your finances daily will help you create margins. If you’re constantly absorbed in your company’s financial affairs, you are aware of the best time and place dependent on cash flow you could make, for example, an account for reserve. Every business needs to have a reserve fund for rainy days with a minimum of a month’s revenue in case something unexpected happens, preventing you from receiving an additional infusion of cash for a time. To build an adequate margin for your business, start by determining your net burn monthly rate.
  4. Engagement: When you review your financial statements and notice that there are costs that are occurring but not enough revenues to propel your company forward, you could find yourself in a situation where your services and products aren’t gaining traction and aren’t interacting with your clients. There’s a correlation between engagement and money. The more you interact with your potential clients and customers, the greater the chance that your earnings will increase. The less interaction there is, the more likely you’re not making the profits you’d like or have to earn for your business. If you’re struggling with engagement, getting in touch with some of your clients is an excellent idea. Some business owners are uninformed about their products or services. The best way to determine why you might be suffering from problems with engagement is by calling your clients and asking them to give you their honest opinions.
  5. Risk: Having funds in the bank lets you perform something essential for businesses: having the capacity to take risks. We recognize that we live in a constantly changing business environment in the present world. To stay ahead of the competition, there are times that you need to conduct research, create the following product or service, and test it out in the market. If you’re short on cash and have limited funds, your capacity to risk taking risks while creating a new product line to ensure that you can gain a competitive edge is restricted. The money you have available allows you to take a chance.

My experience has been that those who are the best entrepreneurs have a positive connection to money. Business owners know the importance of being proficient in money terminology and strive to increase their fluency and relationship with money. By doing this, they can effectively grow their businesses because they realize that the primary motive behind the company is the ability to earn a lot of money.

Brian Santiago

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