A company’s travelers could not use an online booking platform due to functional issues. They, therefore, sought hotels outside the program. Learn how BCD contributed to adopting an OBT which now gives travelers the options they desire.

Holcim, based in Switzerland, is a leader in sustainable building solutions and has around 72,000 employees. Because they could find better deals, business travelers booked hotels outside the company’s travel program. Operational issues caused rogue bookings on their online booking platform. Holcim facility manager Carine NolĂ© worked closely with BCD in solving the business problem.

BCD launched Citric, an online booking platform that integrates with TripSource(r), hotel content. It shows the lowest rates and preferred hotels and rates negotiated by BCD. Citric saw an increase in online adoption of air bookings by 13% in 2021 compared to 2020. Online hotel bookings are now possible through one channel. Travelers can view more hotels and have access to their favorites. All reservations can be consolidated into one booking tool. This makes it easier to reconcile invoices. Holcim has one view of all their travelers, making it easier to track their movements and help them as needed. This improves their duty of care. Combining Citric and BCD’s hotel content can save travelers time and the company money.

Travelers can make better decisions by being more informed.

Nolet is a facilities manager and manages employee services. She also finds the best tools and solutions for her employees. Nolet also gives information to ensure their success. BCD and Nolet worked together to create internal communications that encouraged employees to follow travel policy guidelines. This message explained how booking trips through policy helps to protect travelers and increases the company’s savings.

“Relationships made with suppliers have made a huge difference to my day-to-day job,” Nolet said she feels fortunate to have worked closely with BCD’s Program Management Team. They help me solve my daily corporate travel problems.

“We are happy to facilitate the work of Carine Nolet, and the Holcim staff. Laurent Bensaid (Director of Program Management France, BCD Travel, and Executive Chair of Sustainability) said that our consulting role is about sharing our expertise to suggest the best options to simplify or maximize our client’s efficiency.

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