How can I fix Asus Router Red light issue?


Asus Router is surely one of the leading and renowned names in the world of routers. With great services, it has surely created a buzz across the world. Yet the users of Asus Router keep on encountering technical problems like Asus Router blinking red light; now, if you are stuck and have been encountering such issues, you are supposed to go through the manual instructions, apply them, and then seek answers immediately.

Common Reasons behind Asus Router Blinking Red!

There are different reasons behind Asus Router Blinking red, and here are the reasons given here:

  • Maybe the modem cannot connect to the internet
  • There could be issues associated with the supply end
  • Now, there must be data pack issues
  • There could be network issues
  • Maybe you are not receiving cable or DSL signals
  • Maybe your ISP does not recognize your account

Now, there are certain things that you must remember. Such as:

  • You should try to reset the modem
  • There could be issues related to cable functioning
  • Now, for 20 seconds, you must hold the reset button and then press it again
  • Now, you must remove the Spectrum router power cord, and then you must wait for a minute
  • Next, you should reconnect the modem supplies
  • And then, you must use the supplied power cord and then connect the spectrum to the wall outlet, and then you must turn on

Next, you must follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First of all, you must update the router firmware
  • Now, you must change the router’s location to the desired position
  • And then, you should remove the physical obstacle

You should upgrade the router firmware manually

  • From the Asus Router official website, then you must download Firmware
  • Now, you must use your router model
  • Now, you should click on support
  • And then, you should navigate to driver and utility
  • Now, you must select BIOS and Firmware
  • Now, you should click on the download button
  • And then, you must save the zip file on your desktop
  • Now, you must unzip the file
  • Now, you must log in to your Asus Router
  • And then, you must go to the left-hand menu, and then you must scroll right down to administration
  • Now, you must select firmware upgrade in the horizontal menu
  • Now, you should scroll down to the manual firmware update
  • Now, you must click on upload
  • And then, you should select the unzipped firmware file
  • Now, the firmware upgrade process will start
  • Now, you would see the Asus router login page
  • And then, you must log into your router again
  • Now, you should type in your username and password
  • And then, you must restart your network

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Follow and apply the steps to resolve and troubleshoot the issues. Users often witness technical snags when they try to reset my Asus Router.

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