Isn’t it daunting not to receive emails on a busy working day at the office? GMAIL is not indifferent to malfunctions. GMAIL notifications not working, and its failure to load new emails can land you in trouble for a day.

If you are frequently with the problem of your GMAIL not receiving emails, then this article can be a perfect suit for you!


GMAIL MAIL not receiving emails can be one such commonplace problem that can put all your mailing needs to a halt. The generic causes of GMAIL mail not receiving mails are as follows: –

  • The GMAIL MAIL is not connected to the internet, or the GMAIL MAIL is backed by a good internet connection.
  • If you are receiving email messages from any of the recipients, then you have most probably blocked the recipient.
  • Signing in from too many devices can cause the GMAIL MAIL to malfunction and eventually not receive any emails.
  • The cookies that have accumulated in your browser whenever you did a search online are responsible for not receiving emails.
  • It can be that a certain email address has been marked as spam, and any message you receive from that recipient is likely to go to the spam folder.
  • It can be the case that the email forwarding feature has been enabled to forward your message to the forwarding email address.
  • It is mostly the outdated version of the GMAIL MAIL that keeps it away from functioning normally.
  • Last but not least, it can be any virus or malware assault on your system(any device that you are accessing your mail from)


If your GMAIL mail is not working on iPhone or even Android, then these fixes will best suit your needs.

  • This technique works most of the time in case of GMAIL MAIL not sending and receiving emails. It is a simple restart of the device concerned.
  • If it does not work that it can be a poor internet connection. Upgrade to a more stable internet connection.
  • Suppose you are signed in from too many devices, then there is a possibility of the GMAIL mail becoming slow and unresponsive. Try logging out from all the devices it has been signed in from.
  • Reset or update the browser to the most recent versions to make it more adaptive to the changing times.
  • Often it is the virus attack or malware attack that GMAIL succumbs to. Thus a thorough virus or malware check becomes the need of the hour.
  • In case of Gmail filters not working configure the filters to bring back Gmail in gear.
    • Disabling the email forwarding feature.
    • Configuring the settings of the spam folders.

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Your GMAIL MAIL not receiving emails is not something you want to wake up to. Thus it is wise to keep the system immune to avoid any malfunctions.

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