How To Complete Gmail Verification Process ?


Google mail or Gmail as we know it is the most preferred and used email domain across the globe. It has different organizational features and a user-friendly interface due to which it has emerged as a common and preferred choice. Gmail is also quite secure and ensures the privacy of the user through different means. While signing up for any website or domain online, privacy is a major concern. Gmail has features like a two-step verification process to ensure that no one else is accessing the account. In case you are logged out of your account for any reason and now Google is asking for verification, there are many ways through which you can verify your identity. Most of these ways are based on the pre-configured recovery option that you must have selected while setting up your account. account helps you with the recovery of your account or gaining access to your pre-existing email account.

Here are some of the tips and ways through which you can complete your account verification. There is a chance that you may receive the message that Google is not able to verify your account. In that case, you can opt for another method or way of recovering your account or contact customer care for help.

Steps to complete Gmail verification:

  • The first step is to visit the Google account recovery page.
  • You will be asked a series of questions that you selected while registering your account.
  • Make sure to answer the question carefully.
  • Use the device that you generally use to access your account.
  • Use a familiar location and browser that you generally use.
  • Be careful of upper case and small case letters while entering the password.
  • Provide access to another email domain and device.
  • Answer the security questions and you will be sent a verification code.

You can enter the verification code in your account and if the process is valid, you will be logged into your account.

Related Gmail Errors can useful for you:

Gmail has one of the best filter systems which keeps on developing taking feedback from users but you do face issues with it sometimes. There are a few probable causes due to which you may find Gmail filters not working. The first is that you need to determine whether the mail is spam or junk mail. The spam mail should be marked as such. At times you accidentally click on a certain email address as not spam and therefore it does not gets filtered.

Ways to fix Gmail filters not working:

  • Make sure that you have not marked spam as not spam. The different toggle switches are side by side and you might accidentally click different buttons.
  • Navigate to settings and select filters and blocked addresses and see if you have configured the email settings correctly.
  • Go to the override filter section and select do not override filter to avoid any mistakes.
  • Another thing to take care of is to make sure that you do not click the spam unsubscribe link.
  • Check if the broad email filter system is causing the problem.
  • You also have the option to file an abuse report.

Follow the steps and ways mentioned above and the new settings will be applied to your email.

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