How to find the best coworking space that suits your business in the United States


Finding the perfect coworking space for your business can be exhausting if you don’t have the proper guidance.

You will find many options for unique shared office spaces in every US city, particularly in tech-dominated areas.

We will examine critical factors to help you find the best coworking spaces for bootstrapping startup founders in America.

Let’s first look at what a coworking area is and how it differs from those in Europe and the UK.

What is a coworking space?

Coworking spaces are a type of shared office space that is an alternative to traditional, serviced, or home offices. Independent workers or small business owners can use them.

Some coworking statistics and insights show that there were approximately 19,000 coworking spaces worldwide in 2021. This is equivalent to 2.5 million square meters in the United States. London is the coworking capital of the globe, with 994,000 square meters dedicated to coworking.

Around 65% of coworking space workers are under 40 years old. This shows that new startups primarily use coworking to cut costs.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best coworking space that suits your business.

1. The location is an essential factor in choosing the best coworking space

When choosing the best coworking space for your business, the first thing to consider is its location. It is the most critical aspect of choosing a coworking space.

High demand is always a sign that private offices in central locations such as Capitol Hill in Denver or Silicon Valley in San Francisco Bay are in high demand.

Do not place more importance on the space’s fancy qualities than on its proximity to established business hubs when choosing a coworking space. Before clients visit, they want to ensure that the office space they choose is easily accessible.

2. Find an office space that fits your budget

What could be more embarrassing than choosing a coworking space you cannot afford to renew each month or year?

Coworking spaces are essential because they can help you launch your dream company. It is important to stick to your budget.

If you spend too much on office space, starting a business in the US can prove more expensive. Your monthly rent for coworking space should not be a burden.

Although budgeting is smart financially, ensuring your startup has all the necessary facilities for success is essential.

3. How safe is your coworking space?

It is becoming increasingly annoying to see the crime rate in America. If you choose a coworking space that isn’t safe or secure, your startup will be doomed to failure.

You don’t want to be sued or suffer low productivity from your colleagues. Prioritize their safety. You want to ensure that the path to your coworking space is free from miscreants.

Safety measures are in place for those who use coworking spaces that are most booked in London, Ontario, and Ottawa, as well as Los Angeles, Los Angeles, and Zurich.

4. You can scale your startup even if you are still working from a coworking space

You could have moved into your coworking space alone as a founder of a startup in the United States. Your business has grown, and you have made thousands of dollars. Now, you want to create a team that is excited about becoming a part of a billion-dollar company.

One question remains: Can your current coworking space, or the one you’re about to use, be able to hold more people as your company grows? You can’t use your rent space in shared office spaces.

You might want to reconsider your decision about a coworking space if it doesn’t fit your growth plan for the startup over the next three years.

Your team size and growth plan will influence where and how long you work in your coworking space.

5. What amount do you have to spend on transportation from home to the office?

A coworking space far more productive than working at home is the best. Shared office space offers the opportunity to collaborate with intellectuals and connect on various projects.

The intellectual center at Palo Alto is home to Stanford University. If you commute long distances to get there, the beauty of such an environment is lost.

Long-distance commutes to work can increase not only your carbon footprint but also increase your mileage. You will have to pay more for auto insurance if you travel longer distances.

Employees often quit because they are tired of driving to work. You might have experienced it as an employee and wouldn’t want that for your team.

How do you choose the suitable coworking space for your business in New York City?

  • Pay close attention to the location
  • Find a coworking space within your means
  • Make sure the coworking space is safe
  • Discover how easy it is to increase staff capacity in the same coworking space
  • Do not overspend on your commute to work.

We will discuss later the best coworking companies in America, how to compare prices and some of the less-famous coworking reviews. The benefits of a coworking space that includes a gym cannot be overemphasized.

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