How to Play the Dallas Escape Game Without Making Innocent Mistakes


Playing an escape room game with your friends or family can be a great way to spend your free time. Not only do they provide players with an escape from reality, but at the same time also help them inculcate vital skills like leadership and time management. Nothing seems comparable to the immense extent of happiness and pleasure that you can find when you successfully break out of an escape room.

The Dallas Escape Game offers players several immersive and authentic escape rooms to choose from. But if you are worried about how are going to make your escape in time, or how you can finish the game without making rookie mistakes, we are here for you. In this article, we have compiled how you need to approach your escape room adventure to eliminate any room for mistakes. So, dig in!

1. Keep an eye on the details!

The mystery rooms are known for their ability to hide clues and riddles in uncanny places. While it might seem fun and exciting to simply loiter around the escape room, and engross yourself in the delight of the game, never forget your aim. The graphic details that you find on the walls of the Dallas Escape Game are not just there for an aesthetic purpose!

Digging into every little detail of the escape room to unearth the hidden clues is vital for players to work on. Most players often end up wasting their time in the beginning

by loitering around in the room, soaking in the immersive nature of the room. But, if you wish to win the escape game, it is imperative for your team to focus on the details of the game room, to find out vital clues and riddles.

2. Have an unbroken stream of communication in your team while playing the escape games!

Communication is the key to acing the escape room game. It is vital for your team members to perpetually communicate with each other. Each of your team members must remain aware of the progress that their fellow team mates have made in the game.

However, apart from talking to your teammates and communicating your opinions, you must also attentively listen to what your fellow teammates are saying. You and your teammates must give value to the opinions of each other and come together to take every decision regarding your next moves in the game!

3. Do not hoard information from your teammates at any cost!

The escape games are recognized as team games that call for every team member to come together to achieve the common goal. Keeping your team members perpetually unaware of what you have discovered in the game, is only going to hinder in your path to victory.

It is only when you share all the clues that you have discovered and then brainstorm them together, that you can move a step close towards winning the game! So, when

you play an escape room game with your friends or family, make sure to never hoard in vital information from your teammates!

4. Ask for a clue before it’s too late!


There might be times during the proceedings of the escape room game when you feel stuck and do not know what you should do. Instead of brooding on your thoughts of being lost in the game, ask for a hint! At clue chase, you and your team are offered three free clues right at the inception. You can ask for these clues any time during the game.

However, what many teams often end up doing is ponder too long on the belief that they will discern the clue in a while, and so they keep on waiting. While this might be a fair choice, it is highly recommended that teams ask for a clue if a few minutes have already gone by, with no luck whatsoever. Every second that you spend inside the game room is vital, so do not wait for too long and instead ask for a hint to step up your game.

5. Divide the entire workload of the game equally amongst your teammates

Escape rooms are essentially team games, wherein you need to work together to achieve your shared goal. Involving your entire team to brainstorm a single puzzle is

a silly move to take while playing these games. As you know, “Too many cooks spoil the broth”, make sure you do not have all heads pondering over one puzzle.

Instead, divide your entire team into smaller fragments, with each taking up a particular zone in the escape room, to search for puzzles and riddles. Distributing the total workload of your entire further enables you to create more room for team interaction and helps in building trust. Rely on each other’s abilities, and divide the work equally to win the Dallas Escape Game!

With these few escape room strategies in mind, you are ready to hit the Dallas Escape Game for an exciting escape room adventure! Following these steps will help you and your team to avoid making innocent mistakes and rather have a fun time. So, are you ready for an escape room challenge?

Brian Santiago

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