Hydrogen Fuel Cells’ business Bramble Energy secures PS35m.


London-based fuel cell firm Bramble Energy has closed a PS35million investment round to grow its capabilities further to address the significant challenges faced in developing and deploying hydrogen stacks of fuel cells.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology is restricted due to costs, inflexibility, complexity, and scaling problems. Yet, Bramble Energy is an innovator in the clean technology market and has developed a patent-protected, unique, printed circuit board (PCB) fuel cell, PCBFC(TM). PCBFC(TM). This is made possible by PCB, the printed circuit board (PCB) industry, allowing the company to create custom fuel cell stacks based on the concept of physical units in a matter of days.

The venture is being managed by HydrogenOne Capital Growth plc. and is backed by current institutions that invest in the company (BGF, IP Group, Parkwalk Advisors, and the UCL Technology Fund) and will enable Bramble Energy to roll out its portable power solutions globally and continue to improve its fuel cell stack that is liquid-cooled capabilities.

Through this stage, Bramble Energy will deploy its innovative fuel cell stacking technology into various commercial strategic applications to help decarbonize many industries and segments.

After the last round of funding in the summer of 2020, Bramble Energy has rapidly expanded from a staff of 3 to 35. The additional funds will aid in helping Bramble Energy grow its UK-based team to more than 100 people and allow the development of zero-emission initiatives in collaboration with commercial partners as the company strives to be the largest fuel cell manufacturer globally.

CEO and Co-Founder of the company Bramble Energy, Dr. Tom Mason, says: “There is no more significant problem than human faces than climate change, and Bramble Energy’s primary goal is to assist in helping people around the world to achieve net-zero. Fuel cells made of hydrogen have always been considered a “future alternative.” Still, the deployment of this technology for clean energy has been hampered by complicated manufacturing and the high cost that goes with it.

“This is an extremely thrilling moment for Bramble Energy, with many eyeballs on the leadership of the UK in the shift to a more sustainable economy. This recent Series B round of funding will allow us to keep tackling one of the biggest obstacles to introducing fuel cells through our revolutionary manufacturing process with the potential for scale-up and low-cost production.

In 2020, the UK government announced its 10- points plan to create a sustainable industrial revolution. Hydrogen was mentioned numerous times as a critical element of building back more vital to reduce carbon emissions. Hydrogen’s availability as fuel, along with the environmental benefits associated with the zero-emission system, provides fuel cells the possibility to be a fantastic alternative to fossil fuels.

Fuel cells are scalable according to the needs of customers. They can be used in various applications that range from stationary primary power sources, which provide steady and high-power density off-grid electricity, to portable applications like the integration of drivetrains into automotive power or even as small in size as power for mobile phones.

The Chairman, Simon Hogan of HydrogenOne Capital, says: “We are delighted to invest in Bramble Energy – a pioneer in hydrogen fuel cells and look ahead to working alongside the team at Bramble Energy their company expands. This is the latest deal in a string of investments HydrogenOne Capital made in the field, demonstrating real momentum behind our investment strategy. We are building a solid foundation for further investment.”

“Bramble Energy’s goals are extremely ambitious, and we’re aiming high in our mission. I believe that the potential of our technology is unlimited, and, with this in mind, our goal is to reduce carbon emissions in as many industries as is possible globally. With the nearing of net-zero and are short, there will be increasing opportunities to use our technology to evolve and contribute to the transition to clean energy. The aim is to see Bramble be the most sought-after brand for low-cost, flexible fuel cell technologies,” concludes Mason.

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