Delegation of Cordoba in the Days of Municipal Education of the City of Mar del Plata


Days 3 and 4 November, the Secretariat of Education of the Municipality of General Peyrredón of the province of Buenos Aires received officials, supervisors, and managers of the educational system city of Cordoba.

This happened in the framework of the Days of the Exchange of Education held in the city of Mar del Plata, specifying one of the initiatives of the convention established by the management of that city and of the city of Cordoba.

The delegation of our city had a privileged space to share some of the educational experiences that develop in the 76 educational institutions of the foreign countries around the world. The Program Thinks it was the centrality and on it were the dissertations of all the delegation: contextualization, the role of the Supervisor in the implementation of the Program in the various Institutions, the approach of Institutional Projects which put students as the protagonists of their learning in a city which educates and promotes the expansion of cultural horizons, in addition to outstanding projects that socialized managers.

The delegation was formed by a team of professionals from the department of Education of the Municipality of Córdoba, formed by the Lic Susana Amancio, Deputy director of the Pedagogical Management of the Direction of Educational Management; Prof. María Alejandra Senestrari Estrada, the Supervisor of the Initial Level; Prof. Malvina Edith Tarquinio, Supervisor of Primary school; Ba Carina Edith Market, Supervisor of Primary school; Prof. Mariana Elizabeth Duckling, Director of Initial Level; Andrea Susana Almada, Level-Start Director; Prof. Anabella Maria Longuí, Director of Primary School;and Prof. Natalia Alejandra Peace, to Director of Elementary School.

The Secretary of Education, Horacio Ferreyra, commented on this exchange:“As we anticipated, the teaching city has begun to participate in a series of tours and exchanges that have as purpose to count what we do in the level of education in our city, and benefit from the good practices carried out in other parts of the city. national territory. This is ultimately an innovative bet that puts the focus on teacher training. Moreover, as our most Martín Llaryora, peer learning, and between institutions is a key factor for the strengthening and consolidation of inclusive systems of education, that promote knowledge for the TWENTY-first century and for the construction of more just and equitable societies”.

The Deputy director of the Pedagogical Management, Susana Amancio, added:“Any possibility of exchange with colleagues enabled to share knowledge but above all doubts, concerns and addressing issues common to us, as is the achievement of the literacy, that is to say the acquisition of reading and writing as an autonomous time-prudent that we give students the basic tools to advance learning in increasingly more complex.”

Sebastian Puglisi, Secretary of Education of the Municipality of General Pueyrredón  said“Both Municipalities with education systems are similar, we celebrate have common goals in our Plan Goals of the Efforts to offer the children the best opportunities for teaching and learning in an act of quality, equity, and inclusion. It is for this reason that these exchanges strengthen the efforts to face the future.”

Carina Market, the Supervisor of the primary, was also expressed about the experience: “The exchange of experiences have motivated us, we’ve captured, we have been delighted to learn that enrich our practices and professional knowledge. Dynamic, projects, ideas, force us to get along, mainly the heart of the beautiful people that we have received and welcomed in this beautiful city-A true magisterium of team work, professional team of different educational levels, political officials and career articulating actions , energy and vocation! And that energy is contagious and reflects on accomplishments: this great day of municipal education is hardly evidence. Excellence  and example. Thank you!”.

“The opportunity to see, learn about, and reflect on the importance of place teacher as the mediator for the improvement of learning processes. The exchange focused on how to teach and what to teach what is taught”, finished off Malvina Tarquinio, Supervisor of elementary school.

It should be noted that the authorities of Mar del Plata that were given to the group of Cordoba, were Sebastian Puglisi, Secretary of Education of the Municipality of General Pueyrredón; Marcelo Lopez, assistant Secretary of Education of the Municipality of General Pueyrredón; Maria Emilia Brahim, Legal Representative; Alice Beatriz Braña, General Director of Education; Mary Martha Ulzurrún, Area Coordinator for the monitoring of the trajectories of pedagogy, Paul Landi, Director of Education; Silvia Monica Maiosarti, Supervisor of primary school; Paula Teresa Hourcades, Supervisor initial level; Paola Liliana Panties Supervisor mode Social Pedagogy and Psychology community.

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