Scholarships for international students in Canada


It can be costly to attend college, particularly for students from abroad. This is why taking advantage of financial assistance services when needed is essential.

Fortunately, Acsenda offers different types of grants, scholarships, and payment plans that assist students from abroad with their costs.

What are some loans, grants, and scholarships available? Are loans available to international students in Canada?

Some of the available scholarships, as well as grants and student loans, are:

Payment plan

Acsenda provides an option to pay by installments for students who wish to pay for their tuition in a series of installments for the semester. Students can apply for the payment plan according to their timetable.

Transportation grant

The Canadian government has imposed a mandatory quarantine or isolation in a government-authorized hotel for three days while the person awaits the COVID-19 results. However, it excludes any person already vaccinated with two eligible doses of the accepted vaccines. To help shoulder some of the burdens, Acsenda grants a grant to cover the cost of transportation from the airport and the hotel where the student will be staying during this time.

Covid-19 Quarantine grant

As mentioned before, due to the new regulations of the Canadian government, any person that enters the country and is not fully vaccinated with the accepted vaccines must isolate in a government-authorized hotel for three days at the person’s own cost, which is typically around $2000. To help with this, Acsenda provides students with the possibility of a grant of as much as 1500 dollars (CDN) to assist with the extra lodging costs.

Student loans

Acsenda will accept student loans through StudentAidBC to assist students with the costs of postsecondary education by offering a variety of alternatives and programs.

Laptop grant

In a classroom environment that is digital laptops are important for students. Therefore, Acsenda gives a laptop grant of up to 600 dollars (CDN).

In addition to these Acsenda-specific kinds of financial aid, there are a variety of possibilities for scholarships. They include:


ScholarshipsCanada is a no-cost platform that helps students get money after they sign up and are matched to the available scholarships and grants of importance, as well as the option to receive alerts about deadlines.

The Canadian government website provides:

  • Undergraduate, doctoral, graduate, and post-doctoral awards.
  • Bursaries for various areas of study as well as individuals who contribute.
  • StudentAwards Scholarships

Students Awards are a free platform that delivers scholarships and opportunities for a scholarship directly to your inbox. This includes scholarship opportunities offered by various organizations.

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