The complete guide to: hotel management course

  • A summary of the hotel industry

Hotels were not always as popular as they are today. Some inns provided guests with basic services such as lodging and bath linen. People began to use hotels for leisure and luxury vacations as their reasons for staying changed over time. The hotel industry pioneered spas, pools, gyms, and restaurants. This encouraged guests to pay more for better accommodations and use of the facilities.

The revenue of the hotel industry increased dramatically. It’s because the hotels’ service quality was significantly higher than before. This inspired hotel behemoths to create something unique and innovative. We are all aware that tourism is central to our country’s economy. The hotel industry is critical to the success of the tourism industry.

Hotels were able to expand their accommodations as the travel industry grew. Furthermore, technological advances have benefited the hotel industry even more. Hotel reservations can now be made from anywhere in the world. By displaying photos and reviews, the Internet also provides guests with an overview of hotels.

A hotel management course trains students to be valuable members of the hospitality industry. In order to provide exceptional services to guests, especially in luxury hotels, a professional is required. The Hotel Management course will teach you the art of hotel management as well as the different areas of a hotel.


ITM-IHM, for example, is a one-of-a-kind institute that offers one-of-a-kind courses. Furthermore, it emphasises the development of additional skills among students. The institute offers six different hotel management courses. Students can explore international opportunities through its Bachelor of Arts in International and Tourism Management and Bachelor of Arts in International Culinary Arts programmes. Every Hotel Management course at ITM has a curriculum that is tailored to the latest hotel industry trends and technological developments.

The institute encourages students to move outside of their comfort zones. This is achieved by encouraging them to organise and host an event. Students at ITM-IHM will have one of the best three years of their lives. There will be guest speakers. Industry visits are organised by the college to keep students up to date on the latest industry trends.

  • What types of jobs are available to Hotel Management graduates?

There are numerous exciting job opportunities available after completing the Hotel Management courses. The workplace is stimulating and enjoyable! Your work will never be monotonous, and you will be able to interact with new people every day!

Examine the following job openings:

  1. Management Trainee
  2. Chef Event Manager Restaurant Manager Banquet Bartender
  3. Supervisor of front-of-house operations
  4. Manager o
  5. Air Hostess
  6. Ticketing
  7. Travel Consultant

There are numerous jobs available in the hospitality industry. This industry will force you to come out of your shell and fully develop your personality.

  • Eligibility

If a student applies for a hotel management course in India, they must meet specific eligibility conditions.

Students must have completed at least 10+2 years of education from a recognised Indian board.

They must have at least a 50% average in their 12th grade.

Students must also have taken English as a requirement in their prior education.

Although merit-based admission is the primary criterion, institutions may administer an entrance exam to gain a deeper understanding of a candidate’s expertise and areas of interest..

Institutes may also conduct personal interviews to learn more about a student and their skill set.

  • Hotel Management Graduates’ Hotel Industry Expectations

The goal of staying in a hotel is to have a pleasant and relaxing stay. As a result, Hotel Management courses in India prepare students to provide guests with quality service. Customers anticipate the following from hotel employees:

  1. Excellent customer service

Every hotel guest desires to be treated uniquely. Nobody wants to be ordinary these days. This is why professionals must provide guests with high-quality services. Giving guests personalised services results in positive feedback for the hotel.

  1. Outstanding Personality

One of the most important requirements of the hotel industry is that you maintain a clean appearance at all times. Employees are the public face of the hotel. As a result, you will learn the value of always being well-groomed in the Hotel Management course.

  1. Prioritizing the customer

Guests are an important part of any hotel. Your top priority should be to exceed the expectations of all hotel guests. This contributes significantly to the development of loyal customers. To improve customer satisfaction, keep your customers engaged and encourage them to use the hotel’s various services.

  1. Technologically adept

Significant technological changes have occurred in the hotel industry. Hotel reservations have become much easier thanks to applications like Gibibo, MakeMyTrip, and others. Various software has been introduced in the hotel industry. The hotel is now completely automated. The hotel industry expects you to be up to date on the latest technological trends. Students enrolled in Hotel Management courses can apply for internships. This gives them practical experience in industry.


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