The young people of the UK are unhappy and depressed. The new report on UK’s rules shocked the nation.


It’s a tough time for one of the young people in the UK. The latest study conducted by the Prince’s Trust has illustrated just how dire the situation for the young: the level of confidence and happiness in the 16-25 age group has fallen to 13 years old and the last time that things were so dire was in the aftermath from the financial turmoil of 2008. The disease has had a significant impact on Gen Z’s economic and social prospects and has taken unique memories and never repeated them from their lives.

According to the study, 40 % of teenagers are worried about getting along with others. One-third of them report that they aren’t sure how to meet new people, and 35% feel more lonely. Incredibly, nearly 25% of youngsters (23 percent) within the UK claim they’ll “never be able to recover” due to the psychological trauma of the disease.

Many people also expressed concern regarding their financial situation. Half (33 percent) say they are dissatisfied with the money they’ve got, and 47 percent report that they do not have enough cash at the close of the month to fund savings after paying expenses.

For those who aren’t employed, educated, or in training (NEET), 23 percent of them say they “always have anxiety.” Forty-six percent of respondents said they felt in despair, while 34 percent said they were afraid of failing in their endeavors. Overall it’s not a good time.

Jonathan Townsend, UK Chief Executive, The Prince’s Trust, said: “The pandemic will be the last thing to happen to youngsters in the UK if we don’t act now. This frightening downward spiral of stress and stress and insecurity about the future will be felt by youngsters today and into the future and will widen the gap for those who are the most vulnerable.”

“With the right help from the government, business, and other charities, we can reverse this trend and ensure that our young people have the abilities and confidence to be confident about their work and their lives in general.”

The Tories haven’t always provided “the proper assistance” for young people. It’s not likely they’ll begin to pay attention to them now. However, despite this, there’s plenty of reason to be hopeful. Young people are channeling their anger into action. The success in the hands of activists like Marcus Rashford, Kwajo Tweneboa, and Mikaela Lach clearly illustrate that the United Kingdom’s young people aren’t scared of taking issues to their own and aiming for the best future. There’s no chance for the Torie, However. There is the possibility of a bright future for Gen Z.

Brian Santiago

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