This is an Eynesbury College International Scholarship 2025.


In 2021-2025, the Eynesbury College International Scholarship rewards international students who have graduated from Eynesbury College.

The value of the Scholarship

The Scholarship grants the option of a 10% and 5% tuition reduction for the standard full-time period of the chosen postgraduate or undergraduate degree.

The scholarship program has the following requirements:

This is open to those who have graduated from Eynesbury College commencing at the University of Adelaide between 2021 and 2025.

All citizens of any nation (except Australia and New Zealand);

It offers a reduction of 10 or 5 percent of the tuition fees for every year of the program throughout the length of the program.

To be eligible for this Scholarship, you must

Have a degree from Eynesbury College;

The minimum grade required to be eligible is 319 or more for Foundation, with a grade in the range of 3.0 for Diploma.

You must have a University of Adelaide offer of admission (full offer or conditional offer) as a full-fee paying international student;

Complete a full-time course load for each study period ;

Accept the admissions process according to the instructions in your offer of admission.

Notice That applicants for scholarships who are eligible to receive multiple scholarships provided from the University of Adelaide will only be eligible for only one Scholarship (the one with the highest value that they are eligible for).


The following applicants aren’t qualified to receive these grants:

Present University of Adelaide students who transfer from one degree to the next before completing their studies (internal transfer)

Students who are the recipients of an award of tuition-related scholarships given by a reputable organization that awards scholarships, such as a department or government ministry

Candidates for Masters through Research and Ph.D. programs;

For applicants for specific programs, look up the scholarship conditions and terms for a list of exclusion degrees.

Conditions and terms of the Scholarship

For a complete list of the terms and conditions, you can download a copy of the terms and conditions of the Scholarship.

Note Important: The University of Adelaide reserves the possibility of awarding, changing or terminating the Scholarship at the discretion of the University. Terms and conditions for the Scholarship are subject to change without notification.

How do you be eligible for the grant?

It is not required to be eligible for the 2021-2025 Eynesbury College International Scholarship because the Scholarship will be given to those that meet eligibility criteria. The Scholarship will be awarded upon acceptance.

Scholarship closing dates

The scholarships are available all through the year. However, applicants are encouraged to finish their application as soon as possible to give sufficient time to apply for visas and begin preparing for the course of study.

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Scholarships for international students in Canada

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