TikTok, Instagram could prove helpful in expanding a small business customer base.


Though Facebook, as well as Twitter, are probably to be the most popular social media sites that small businesses such as collision repair shops might think of to advertise and market their services, TikTok and Instagram are as well two other important online platforms worth considering since they’re the most effective ways to connect with younger audiences, mainly those aged 18-34. They’re also likely to be affordable for the majority.

Small-scale businesses can look at State Farm’s switch to TikTok to advertise in advance of as well during Super Bowl LVI as an opportunity to connect with creators “to connect with the future generation of customers by showing up at the places they’re spending their time, and in areas, they are most interested in.” This year, the insurance company launched their debut Super Bowl commercial featuring widely-known “Jake from State Farm.”

After launching through TikTok on November 1, Jake was back at the beginning of January began a contest asking TikTokers to perform a duet to be a part of a commercial featuring Jake. Three finalists were uploaded to the site TikTok throughout the competition on Sunday to get votes.

In September, TikTok released a step-by-step guide to small businesses on promoting their products and services through the platform, stating that all generations are engaged with its content, starting from Gen Z through Millennials and their grandparents and parents. The first suggestion is to follow the “always-engaged approach” using a mix of organic content, paid campaigns, and collaborations with creators. TikTok advertising costs start at $10 for every 1,000 views, and movements must spend the minimum amount of $500 each campaign. Instagram’s price ranges between 20 cents and $2 for each click per The Influencer Marketing Hub.

A TikTok business account has analytics so that owners can monitor the way their TikToks are performing. The insights reveal what’s going well with your users, and TikTok promises to help you plan how to design and execute your strategic paid ads. TikTok offers in-depth statistics on paid-for campaigns “to enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns and to understand the reasons” that the content is getting traction.

“TikTok creators are natural storytellers and brand advocates, and the TikTok community is awash in the opinion of fellow users,” the TikTok how-to guide says. “You can find the ideal creator to meet your needs and budget on the Creator Marketplace on TikTok. Creator Marketplace, or transform natural content created by creators into paid advertisements by using Spark Ads. It is also possible to interact in direct contact with users via natural content and inspire users to share their videos on the theme of your choice.”

TikTok offers step-by-step instructions for creating ads through their Business Help Center.

There is a University of Houston Texas Gulf Coast Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Network that touts TikTok marketing as a method small-scale companies can use to “solidify branding and marketing that highlight their product and service offerings, and reach out to an ever-growing and influential customer base with the potential of becoming loyal and long-term clients.” SBDC offers several sessions on using social media as promotional tools through its website. It also provides general tips for small-scale companies in its blogs.

In its YouTube channel on TikTok marketing strategies, the entrepreneur online services provider GoDaddy says “investing in TikTok marketing is crucial” for small-scale businesses to connect with prospective Gen Z and Millennial customers.

GoDaddy Guide Emma said with the “modest” budget for advertising. Owners can expect an “excellent” profit on their investment. “One of the most important factors in the success of TikTok marketing for small-sized businesses is keeping your eyes on the ball and your ears firmly on the floor,” she said. “We are aware that you’re working and don’t have time to look through TikTok all day long. We’re not suggesting it but, while you’re using the platform, looking for relevant trends can efficiently utilize all your energy.”

GoDaddy Guide Nealey added that to identify trends, look for hashtags that match the message you intend to spread about your company or brand and make your own “funny inspiring, inspirational or engaging” TikToks.

An earlier GoDaddy YouTube tips video highlights Instagram Reels as a video-marketing tool similar to TikTok for marketing for businesses. According to Nealey business, brands or influencers tend to be “more sophisticated” regarding Reels. Although both apps have advantages and disadvantages, Nealey and Emma concluded that it depends on your personal preferences and demographics. They suggest Instagram Reels for companies who target Gen X and older, and both apps have an impressive impact on Gen Z and Millennials.

Accion is a non-profit that, as per its website, utilizes the Opportunity Fund to help small companies around the world. Suggests using Instagram due to its focus on videos and photos, but it also states that it must be linked to other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Flickr. The tips they provided include using bright colors to stand out and photos with high resolution, which are interesting or unusual to grab users’ attention while scrolling through, along with videos that showcase your business’s activities. Also, as per Accion, marketing across all the platforms you use should match your brand’s identity using the identical logo, style, and tone.

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