U.S. border crossing in Surrey, B.C., is reopened following protests against health-related measures for the public.


U.S. border crossing in Surrey, B.C., is reopened following protests against health care measures that affect the public.’

A single of B.C.’s main border crossings to the U.S.A. ACCORDING TO OFFICIALS, the U.S. reopened to traffic on Saturday night after protesters against health-related measures for public health prevented access since early in the afternoon.

Surrey RCMP said most demonstrators left the area close to the Pacific Highway crossing by 8:40 p.m. at P.T. however the smaller number remained on the sidewalk in the vicinity, which led police to “maintain the area with a large presence throughout the night,” including RCMP road patrols.

“It’s been a busy day for our team on the ground and those who support operations backstage,” said Sgt. Elenore Sturko of the Surrey RCMP in a statement late on Saturday.

“Our task here isn’t finished, however, and people can anticipate an ongoing presence from the police during the days and nights in the coming days and nights.”

Canada Border Services Agency announced around the same time to announce that “normal operations have resumed on the Pacific Highway port of entry.”

Protests throughout the day in opposition to health-related measures for the public have led RCMP to close this U.S. border crossing in Surrey, B.C., for the second time in the row.

Media members swarmed

Police are also investigating the RCMP described as “aggressive” crowds who “swarmed” journalists,which included C.B.C. News, during protests against health-related measures for the public on Saturday.

“We had had a few incidents today when journalists were surrounded and harassed by protesters,” Sturko told C.B.C. News in an interview.

“We will not support any illegal activity.”

behavior, such as harassment, threats, intimidation, and threats.”

A convoy of vehicles was spotted at the border crossing on Saturday, coming between Vancouver and Chilliwack, B.C., protesting against the vaccine mandate. For the fourth consecutive weekend, protesters have disrupted traffic within Chilliwack and Vancouver in the Lower Mainland.

Over a dozen were detained in the Pacific Highway border crossing last week, with protesters breaking through blockades in the wake of stories of harassment and threats conduct.

Although the border was reinstated last week following Mounties taking out protesters, protesters forced another road closure on Saturday at 8th Avenue and 176 Street.

Vaccine mandate protesters blocked off the intersection of 8th Avenue and 176 Street, leading to the Pacific Highway border crossing in Surrey, B.C., for the second weekend in a row on Saturday. (Janella Hamilton/CBC)

Police across Canada, including Victoria, continue to handle the protests against mandates for vaccines. The prime minister has authorized emergency power under the Emergencies Act to deal with these protests.

B.C. The Minister of Public Safety Mike Farnworth has said B.C. favors using the law to confront protesters.

Counter-protesters take to the streets.

In Vancouver, some counter-protesters came out to support the vaccination mandate demonstrations.

Counter-protesters caused trucks to alter their routes in Vancouver just two weeks ago. On Saturday, counter-protesters turned out in the Pacific National Exhibition (P.N.E.) in the city’s Hastings Park to oppose one of the convoys headed towards the Surrey border.

Honking sounds were heard loudly near the junction at Hastings Street and Renfrew Street when the two groups gathered at around 10 a.m. at P.T. on Saturday. No incident of violence was reported. Protesters generally remained separate.

Police from across the province have announced that they’ll update the public regarding the ongoing protests to block access to roads.

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