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Aloha on the Ganges is a luxurious and amazing accommodation , one of the most renowned hotels in Rishikesh. It is along the banks of the Ganges and a beautiful spa resort that is only 225 kms away from the capital city of India , Delhi. The light breeze hitting your face , on a backdrop of the most serene atmosphere is sure to make you want more! The total distance covered from Delhi to Aloha on the Ganges is almost 274.8 km which takes around 5 and half hours via NH 334. 

The good thing about this is that this place has a great network of transport around to the resort. 

There are almost 7 different ways to travel to this area including flight , bus , train , cab , night bus , taxi and drive: 

  1. Flight –

 This is the quickest option that only takes around two and half hours. The cost of a one way ticket which when booked prior costs around 3000 and can go till 6000 rupees also. It is a flight from Delhi to Dehradun which is a direct flight. From Dehradun , it takes around 15 – 20  minutes to reach the desired destination.

  1. Train –

 There are two routes. The most common one is via Yog Nagari , Rishikesh that costs around INR 400 -1200. However this could be a little long to travel and might bore you out. It is a journey of 7 and half hours. There is also an alternate route that takes only 6 and half hours however make sure you book early. You get down at Virabhadra which is only 10 mins away from the resort. The train ticket ranges from around INR 365-1150. 

  • Car – 

If it’s a couple of people such as your family or friends , you can comfortably book a cab. This could be a little pricey but has it’s own perks. It takes anywhere from INR 5000 -7000 depending on the driver hired and other costs. You will reach the resort in 3 – 3.5 hours. If you want a comfortable and a budget friendly drive there , self drive could be your best option. The distance is quite long so you’ll need someone with good experience. An average cost of 1500 rupees is the minimum amount that you need to invest. 

  1. Bus –

 There are also numerous buses that go from Delhi to Rishikesh which takes around 8 hours 34 minutes. These buses are there on an hourly basis. From the Rishikesh bus stop to Aloha on the Ganges , it’s only 6 mins. The price ranges from INR 940 -1450. However there is a route for shorter travel which consumes about 6 hours of your time. It costs less than the other route , i.e , INR 680-1000. However there is only one bus per day that goes via Nataraj Chowk. 

There are quite a few airlines which are connected in between Delhi to Dehradun such as 

  1. Indigo
  2. SpiceJet
  3. Helitrans
  4. GoAir

The train operators include IRCTC and bus services that are available include Intercity Smartbus that provide affordable options for everyone. 

As we are still amidst a global pandemic in the country driven by COVID-19 we must take utmost care. Though there are restrictions about traveling to a particular area , make sure that – 

  1. Wear a face mask throughout the journey and when in gatherings at the resort. Only take it off when necessary.
  2. Follow all the COVID -19 safety rules and regulations that the government and resorts have put forward.
  3. Sanitize often so that there is minimal contact with the prevailing virus.
  4. If in case you have any of the COVID symptoms , such as fever , cough , cold and loss of taste immediately quarantine / self isolate from the crowd so that you’re not spreading the virus.
  5. Take all the vaccinated doses medical practitioners recommend
  6. Always carry a medical kit with all the basic medicine in case of any issue.
  7. If there is any issue or a sudden emergence of a case , contact COVID Helpline number 1800118797 

Have an amazing stay at Aloha on the Ganges with a beautiful view ahead , delicious food which is prepared with utmost care and healthy ingredients. There are many luxurious amenities that are being provided in the area such as premium class bedrooms , swimming pools and obviously the best service there – Tattva Spa Massage. They have many packages there and fit everyone’s needs. They are priced reasonably and will leave you with a level of peace you’ve never experienced before.

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