What business insurance do I need for my UK fashion shop?


To be fully protected from uncertainties, every fashion shop in the UK should have adequate business insurance. You will see that the clothing industry is prone to many situations, risks, and potential harms.

You will need business insurance for your fashion shop to stay ahead of your competition and protect your finances.

The question is: What type of insurance do you need to ensure a UK clothing boutique? Which policy is best for clothing lines and the apparel industry?

Here are the types of business insurance policies that every fashion designer in the United Kingdom needs:

Public Liability Insurance for Fashion Shops

Public liability insurance is a policy that fashion shops in the UK must have. It covers injuries or property damage. For example, in London, you will find many insurance companies that offer coverage ranging from PS1 Million to PS5 Million to protect you against these expenses.

Employer’s Liability Insurance for a Clothing Business

Employers’ liability insurance must be taken out if you have employees, contractors, or casual workers. This insurance will protect injured employees who become dangerously ill due to their employment. An example of this is the insurance for electrical contractors.

Business Buildings Insurance for a UK Fashion Shop

Business buildings insurance ensures your clothing store is against fire, water, and other disasters. Although you may not need buildings insurance if your office space is rented, it’s worth checking with your landlord to ensure.

  • For a clothing boutique, business contents insurance
  • For a clothing boutique, business contents insurance

Sometimes, clothing stores have a lot of expensive inventory. It’s best to ensure this separately from your content. Your possessions and equipment at work are covered by business contents insurance. If your shop has stock coverage, it will pay the actual cost of the goods (not their resale value).

  • Summary of a Fashion Boutique’s Business Insurance Policy
  • You should carefully read your insurance documents and be aware of any restrictions.
  • Employers’ liability insurance is mandatory for all employees. This could lead to severe penalties.
  • If you rent retail space, check with your landlord to see if you require your building insurance.

The contents of building insurance do not cover. It only covers damage to the structure. You will need content insurance.

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