What is Education’s Value?


Although the word education may seem intimidating to some, it is a disguise for the knowledge that we should be acquiring every day. Nelson Mandela once stated, “Education can be the most powerful weapon you have to change the world.” Education can expand the mind’s horizons and produce ideas and thoughts that could change the world.

Education is important

Education is essential for expanding one’s view of the world. You can see the world from different perspectives if you have more knowledge.

Even if we don’t have direct exposure to the outside world, we can still understand how different parts of this world work. Education allows you to dig deeper into existing theories, philosophies, and opinions, eventually creating new ideas and thoughts.

Education is, therefore, the key to how the world has been turning. It’s through the minds and abilities of homo sapiens that we can attain knowledge and curiosity about the current world. The brain can do amazing things when it receives nutritional information, which leads to knowledge.

Education also helps us understand complex situations better. It is worth learning how to solve complex problems and find solutions.

We are often overwhelmed by the abundance of information available today. We can overcome this if we can distinguish between information and knowledge.

An educated person will use his skills and knowledge to overcome obstacles in life, making the right decisions at the right time. Because of his level of thought, an educated person is not only capable of solving problems but also can help right wrongs.

Education is often a source of morals and good values. Education can help a person develop moral and ethical responsibilities in their lives. He will see the importance of eliminating social evils and substitute it with the need to be kind in a broken world.

An educated person is aware of his surroundings and can take appropriate action. He can therefore control his reactions to situations in a responsible manner. An educated person can determine the right time to use specific languages or politeness to live a peaceful existence.

Education is more than just acquiring certificates or good grades. It is essential for character building and social improvement. These are important aspects that play a more significant role in society.


Education has a significant impact on all aspects of our lives. Education should not be limited to the classroom. But society shouldn’t view education as a mere academic achievement. It should consider how it shapes individuals.

Brian Santiago

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